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Reserve a cigar maker for your next event!

Hand Rolled Cigars On site

We’ll bring one of New Orleans’ famous cigar makers to you.

Our standard program provides 2-4 hours of SHOW time and a program assistant to cut and light the cigars for your guests.


Premier Show Package

200-300 Guests

Includes: 250 Cigars

$ 1500


Executive Show Package

100-200 Guests

Includes: 150 Cigars

$ 1050


 *all cigars subject to local and state taxes


Please contact us for pricing of small group programs

and specialty cigar selection

504-568-1003 / events@cigarfactoryneworleans.com





Private Labels Available

Company Logo

Babys Name

Birthday / Retirement




Bride and Grooms Name


Add Private Labels

$15 per box

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